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Gun Legislation Action Alerts

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Two Universal Background Check Bills Pass Out Of Committee In New Mexico - February 8, 2017

New Mexico State Bill HB50

Two anti-gun bills mandating background checks on virtually all gun transfers passed out of committee in both chambers of the New Mexico legislature last week.

On Saturday, the House Consumer and Public Affairs Committee voted 3-1 to approve HB 50, requiring background checks on private gun sales. This came just days after lawmakers in the New Mexico Senate's Public Affairs Committee passed similar legislation, SB 48, 5-3.

These bills would do nothing to stop criminals from getting guns, they would only add further burdens to law abiding citizens wishing to exercise their second amendment rights.

Yesterday, 32 of 33 Sheriffs that make up the New Mexico Sheriffs Association condemned both SB 48 and HB 50. "These measures would make it harder for law abiding New Mexicans to exercise their Second Amendment rights, waste scarce law enforcement resources, and do nothing to keep guns out of the hands of criminals," the association said.

Moms Demand Action, a group funded by New York billionaire Michael Bloomberg, are pushing for the bills passage as part of their national gun control agenda.

Please contact your legislators in both chambers and tell them to do anything they can to stop these bills from advancing any further and if they do come to a floor vote to vote no.

State Law HB50

Florida Open Carry Bill In Committee Next Week - January 2, 2017

Florida State Bill S0140

SB140, a newly introduced bill is scheduled for a committee hearing next Tuesday, January 10th.

The bill, if passed, would allow open carry of firearms as well as eliminating gun free zones in places like secondary schools, local centers and government meeting areas.

We urge you to contact your legislators and tell them to get this bill out of committee and onto the Senate floor for a vote. You can contact your legislators by logging into your account and then visit the bill's page (link below) and then click on the contact legislators link.

You can also use our legislator contact page to get your senators phone and fax numbers.

With Senator De La Portilla out of the picture this could very well be the year this bill passes but it needs your voice to get it done.

State Law S0140

PA SB1330 Dead Action Immediate Needed On HB1496 - October 21, 2016

Pennsylvania State Bill HB1496

We have learned that SB1330, the preemption bill passed last week in the Senate has once again been stalled by house Democrats and is essentially dead. Once again they will try every trick they can and this time it has worked.

PA residents have another option but time is running out. There are only 3-4 more days left in the session and if you want local townships to stop playing games with gun laws you have to act now.

Senator Alloway has drafted an amendment to HB1496, which has already passed the house and is up for third consideration in the Senate. The amendment will mirror SB1330. If it can be amended to the bill and passes third consideration the bill goes back to the house for a simple concurrence vote. Literally, the Democrats would have no way to remove the amendment.

We would ask you to immediately pick up the phone and call three people.

1. Call your Senator: Legislator Contact Info

2. Call Senator Scarnati at (717)787-7084, or fax him at (717)772-2755

3. Call Senator Corman at (717)787-1377 or fax him at (717)772-3146

Time is of the essence so please act now. Respectfully ask these Senators to move HB1496 with the Alloway amendment intact. If you have friends that care about this issue please forward this to them and ask them to contact these people.

State Law HB1496

Support Needed For SB1330 In The House And To Override Governors Veto - October 18, 2016

Pennsylvania State Bill SB1330

As you might already know SB1330 passed the Senate yesterday by a vote of 30-19. One Senator, Rafferty, wasn't there for the vote.

SB1330 is another attempt at forcing municipalities to obey the preemption laws of the state (sad that they need to be forced to obey the law)

While it passed and now heads to the house the bill doesn't have enough votes to override a veto by the governor, and he has said he would veto it.

It is a sad state of affairs when local governments thumb their nose at the law all while demanding citizens follow those laws. These Senators that voted against the bill are essentially saying local governments are above the law. That has to stop!

Everyone needs to get on the phone and:

1) Contact your house rep and tell them to support SB1330

2) Contact the following senators and demand they support a veto override.

Here are the traitors in the Senate that think you must follow the law but government doesn't have to:

Patricia Vance (717) 787-8524

John Blake (717) 787-6481

Art Haywood (717) 787-1427

Rob Teplitz (717) 787-6801

Jay Costa (717) 787-7683

Andrew Dinniman (717) 787-5709

Lawrence Farnese (717) 787-5662

Wayne Fontana (717) 787-5300

Vincent Hughes (717) 787-7112

Shirley Kitchen (717) 787-6735

Daylin Leach (717) 787-5544

John Sabatina (717) 787-9608

Judy Schwank (717) 787-8925

Christine Tartaglione (717) 787-1141

Sean Wiley (717) 787-8927

Anthony Williams (717) 787-5970

Stewart Greenleaf (717) 787-6599

Thomas McGarrigle (717) 787-1350

Thomas Killion (717) 787-4712

And as always you can use our contact your state legislators page to find contact information for all your representatives.

State Law SB1330

Two Pro-Gun Bills Being Held Hostage In Pennsylvania - September 27, 2016

Pennsylvania State Bill HB2258

From Firearms Owners Against Crime:


I try not to burden you with a lot of e-mails but this one is significant. As you may know we have been working to advance pro-gun legislation in Harrisburg and are on the cusp of two of our issues being addressed, finally!

These bills involve preemption (HB2258 & SB1330) and semi-auto firearms for hunting (SB737) and are all keyed up and ready to go EXCEPT we are being held hostage by anti-gunners and money and 'apathy' among our ranks!

We are being blocked by a concerted effort from anti-gun groups through their minions of evil (anti-gun legislators) in a historic show of abuse of the political process. HB2258 has had 242 amendments filed AGAINST it and this is a record. SB737 has had 19 amendments filed against it. The end goal is to force leadership to pull the bills from consideration.

We are being terrorized by a small group of misfits in and outside of the legislature who are abusing the process to stymie legislation that has overwhelming support.

I’m laying this in your laps because gun owners are faced with an ugly reality! If we do not get more of our friends and family involved and calling their legislators and leadership of BOTH parties then I fear our ability to get ANYTHING passed will be impossible. What is even more critical is that the NEXT step for them is to force anti-gun legislation to be passed or these political whores will shut down work on other bills.

If our 2ND Amendment is gone our freedom is done

I’m sorry but I have done everything I can think of and have been warning you of this coming evolution of the political process for a while. Well it is HERE now. Either get involved now or plan on PA becoming New Jersey in the not too distant future and prepare to surrender your firearms because what is going on now is ONLY going to get worse!

Sorry for the bad news but I’m NOT going to sugar coat the dire situation we are in!

Thanks for reading this far!

Kim Stolfer

FOAC, President

Folks it's time to get mean and nasty with your legislators ... get on the phone, send emails and faxes to all of them telling them enough is ENOUGH!

And remember you can get your legislator's contact information here:

State Law HB2258

PA Preemption Bill To Be Voted on In Committee Tomorrow - September 19, 2016

Pennsylvania State Bill HB2258

We just received this alert about HB2258, the new preemption bill that would replace the now defunct act 192:

The Pennsylvania House of Representatives Judiciary Committee is scheduled to meet at 10 AM tomorrow (Tuesday, September 20th). We are asking everyone to call Judiciary Chair Representative Ron Marsico and request that he bring House Bill 2258 to a vote and that he support the bill. Additionally, we request that you call your Representative and ask that they support House Bill 2258.

House Bill 2258 would give membership organizations such as the NRA standing to sue municipalities over their unlawful gun ordinances and plaintiffs the ability to recover attorney's fees should they become involved in litigation.

This would strengthen Pennsylvania's preemption statute and help to discourage municipalities from passing unlawful ordinances.

Representative Ron Marsico

P: (717) 783-2014

Please take a few minutes to call and tell them to allow this to come to the floor for a vote!

State Law HB2258

Update On Terrorism Bill In US House - Action Required - July 6, 2016

Federal Bill HR5611

As we reported in an alert yesterday news outlets were reporting on an anti-gun amendment that was to be added to a terrorism bill this week. At the beginning of the long holiday weekend, and probably hoping that no one would notice, that plan was scraped and the text was added to a terrorism bill that was then introduced.

The bill is now in committee and speaker Ryan has said it will come to the floor for a vote.

The bill is HR5611.

In section 5 of the bill the Attorney General would be allowed to stop anyone on the terrorist watch list and anyone suspected of terrorism in the previous 5 years from buying a firearm, ammunition or explosives. The AG would be allowed to stop the sale for up to 3 days and a court would then have to weigh the evidence (which may include redacted classified documents) against the person. The denied person must retain a lawyer at their own expense to fight the charges but would be reimbursed if they won.

This bill is unconstitutional on several levels. First of course is the denial of a person's 2nd amendment rights but secondly it denies them the right to due process guaranteed by the 14th amendment. Lastly is the horrifying fact that people can be denied subject to a secret government list, a list that only the government has access to.

The problems with this bill are simple:

1. Guilty until proven innocent

2. Secret lists would determine one's rights

3. Denied individual still fronts legal fees, which could be substantial

4. No provision for discovery making a legal defense difficult at best

5. No right for defense team to discovery

6. No right for defense to file emergency/expedited petition

Nothing in this bill would change what happened in Orlando, San Bernadino, Aurora, Sandy Hook or any of the other shootings over the past few years.

We need you to reach out to your representative and tell them the must vote no on this bill. Use our contact your legislators page found here or you can use the contact your reps link at the top of the bill details page. You should also call speaker Ryan's office and express your displeasure over this amendment. Speaker Ryan's phone number is (202) 225-0600 and his FAX number is (202) 225-5117.

This is nothing less than tyranny forced down the throats of law abiding citizens by the radical extremist liberals and it MUST be stopped!

Federal Law HR5611

House Set To Vote On No Fly No Buy Amendment This Week - July 5, 2016

Federal Bill

After the nonsensical 'sit in' in the house last week Republican leadership, in cahoots with the NRA, caved and are planning on allowing a vote on an amendment to the anti-terrorism package currently under consideration.

This amendment would not only deny US citizens their 2nd amendment rights but would also strip their rights to due process guaranteed under the 14th amendment. These rights would be denied based on 100% secret government lists. No one but the government knows who is on them and why they were added to the lists.

This is intolerable and strikes at the very core of what this great nation was founded upon. Our founding fathers are rolling in their graves at this act of tyranny.

Please take a few moments to contact your US house representative and tell them you will not stand by and watch them erode your rights, that a yes vote on this amendment is no less than treason! You should also call speaker Ryan's office and express your displeasure over this amendment. Speaker Ryan's phone number is (202) 225-0600 and his FAX number is (202) 225-5117.

You can find your representative's contact information either here

SB1330 To Be Voted On In Senate, Your Voice Is Needed - June 28, 2016

Pennsylvania State Bill SB1330

As you may be aware SB1330 was introduced in the Pennsylvania Senate last week. This bill will restore the ability to sue local governments when they enact illegal firearm laws much as the now defunct act 192 did.

Yesterday, June 27, the bill was approved in committee by and 8-3 vote and now heads to the Senate floor for a vote.

Many cities have already stated they intend to enact or reenact firearm laws they removed from the books after act 192 was passed. This must not be allowed and passage of this bill would stop them once and for all.

Please take the time to call your senator and tell them to vote yes on SB1330. You can also use the 'contact your rep' link on the bill's detail page (note you must be logged in to use this feature) that will email them and allow you to download a PDF of the email that you can mail or fax.

Now is your chance to make a difference and it only takes a few minutes of your time.

State Law SB1330

Pennsylvania Terrorist Watch List Bill Headed For A Vote In The House - June 21, 2016

Pennsylvania State Bill HB1770

Pennsylvania people heads up!

HB1770 has been pushed out of committee using a discharge resolution (forcing the bill out without a vote) and could come up for a vote in the house as early as today. This bill would make anyone on the terrorist watch list a prohibited person.

Pick up the phone and call, send emails and faxes to your house reps and tell them to vote no on this bill!

State Law HB1770

Senate To Vote On 3 Anti Gun Amendments Today - June 20, 2016

Federal Bill

The US Senate will vote later today on 3 anti-gun amendments.

The first amendment is from California senator and rabid gun hater Diane Feinstein. Her amendment would ban anyone on the 'no-fly' list from buying a gun. Something that completely ignores the rule of law and due process.

The second amendment to be voted on is from Connecticut senator Chris Murphy. His amendment would expand background checks to all firearm sales.

The third amendment is from Texas senator John Cornyn and would 'delay' a firearm purchase for 72 hours if the person is on the terrorist watch list. Again a right delayed is a right denied.

While passage of these amendments is questionable you need to call your senator's office and demand they reject these amendments without question. Just one or two votes the wrong way could jeopardize your god-given rights.

Last Day To Eliminate The Pics System - June 6, 2016

Pennsylvania State Bill HB921

Pennsylvania people today is THE day to push to get the PICS system eliminated!

If you want the PICS system gone you need to light up the phones of these undecided judiciary committee members and tell them to send it to the house floor!

This might be the last chance you get in a very long time to get rid of this mess.

This thing costs PA taxpayers almost 7 million a year and as many know it crashes constantly leaving your right to buy a firearm delayed. Lastly getting rid of PICS would eliminate the PSP illegal firearm database once and for all.

The committee vote is tomorrow.

Please take a few moments and call these legislators and tell them to vote yes on moving HB921 to the house floor, then if you have time send them a follow up email doubling down on your position:

Ronald Marsico (R); (717) 783-2014

Barry Jozwiak (R); (717) 772-9940

Kate Klunk (R); (717) 787-4790

Mike Regan (R); (717) 783-8783

Todd Stephens (R); (717) 260-6163

Marcy Toepel (R); (717) 787-9501

Tarah Toohil (R); (717) 260-6136

Mike Vereb (R); (717) 705-7164

Martina White (R); (717) 787-6740

Bryan Barbin (D); (717) 783-1491

Ryan Bizzarro (D); (717) 772-2297

Dom Costa (D); (717) 783-9114

Daniel Miller (D); (717) 783-1850

It doesn't matter if they are your rep or not, these are the people still undecided on which way to vote on the bill

State Law HB921

Illinois House Approves Suppressor Legalization Bill - Action Needed To Pass Senate - June 4, 2016

Illinois State Bill SB0206

Illinois people heads up!

Approval of legalizing suppressors in your state has passed the House but now must be re-approved by the Senate.

House amendment 2 was introduced by Rep. Brandon W. Phelps on May 29th adding in the section to amend hunting law to allow the use of suppressors for hunting. The amendment was adopted May 31 by the House.

The governor has said he will sign it if it makes it to his desk but it faces an uphill battle in the senate due to the fact it must get a 2/3 vote on the amendment to move on.

Get on the phone, send emails and letters to your senators and tell them to pass this thing!

State Law SB0206

Your Action Is Required To Eliminate Pennsylvania PICS System - June 1, 2016

Pennsylvania State Bill HB921

Next Tuesday, June 7th, the Pennsylvania House Judiciary Committee will vote on whether to allow the PICS to NICS (HB921) bill to go for a vote. The bill has 80 sponsors from both sides of the aisle.

CeaseFire PA, along with the state police, are fighting this bill like mad, spouting lie after lie about how much safer you are because of the PICS system.

They are ignoring the constant problems with the system, the illegal database of gun owners the state police have, the harassment of legal business owners that happens on a regular basis and the fact that this outdated system is costing you millions in tax dollars every year.

We need two minutes of your time to light up the phones to Majority Chairman Marsico and tell him to let the bill out of committee for a vote on the house floor. His number in Harrisburg is 717-652-3721. Tell his people you demand they allow this bill to get a fair vote in the house and nothing less will do.

Bloomberg money coupled with other anti-gun groups are conspiring with YOUR state police to keep you tied into their costly and illegal system.

It's time to stand up and say ENOUGH!

Please take two minutes to stand up and be counted.

State Law HB921

Help Support NOVA NOVA Armory Against Illegal County Attack - May 11, 2016

State: Virginia

We have gotten word that apparently the gun grabbers have cooked up a plan to destroy NoVA Armory in Arlington Virginia.

According to information from the store, the county is holding a public hearing in an attempt to overturn the store's certificate of occupancy.

Neither Dennis Pratte nor his landlord were notified of this public hearing.

According to an appeal filed by gun-grabbing Julie Young, Emily Hughes, Bernadette Brennan, Grace Chan, and Nathan Guerrero, because the store advertised 'wholesale prices' it operates as a wholesaler, vice a retailer, and therefore, its application as a 'retail space' contains false information, and therefore its certificate of occupancy should be revoked.

Please don't let that happen!

Please attend the hearing if you're in Virginia and let your voice be heard.

WHAT: Board of Zoning Appeals meeting to revoke NOVA Armory's Certificate of Occupancy (CO)

WHEN: Tonight, Wednesday, May 11th at 7:00pm

WHERE: Arlington Department of Community Planning, Housing, and Development, Room 307, 2100 Clarendon Blvd, Arlington, VA 22201

Florida Senate To Vote On Campus Carry Tomorrow - March 10, 2016

State: Florida

The Florida Senate will vote on campus carry tomorrow Friday March 11th. The bill has already passed the house and if approved by the Senate will move onto the governor's desk to be signed. It is imperative that you make phone calls, send emails and faxes to your senator tonight and first thing tomorrow morning telling them to vote yes on this bill.

Your actions could make all the difference in getting this bill passed!

Bodies Needed In Champaign Michigan To Counter Gun Grabber Meeting - February 13, 2016

State: Michigan

As you know, the gun-controllers are intent on preventing the opening of new gun shops and ranges and working very hard to shut down existing gun shops and ranges.

The anti-gunners will be bringing this effort to the Champaign area next week. Top leaders from state and national "gun reform" groups will be in town to hold recruitment and planning meetings to set the stage for shutting down gun shops in central Illinois - including your favorite shops.

It's very important that you meet this threat head-on so that you may continue to enjoy your right to keep and bear arms and preserve that right for future generations.

Senators Attempting To Force Anti-Gun Amendments Into Health Care Bill Today - December 3, 2015

Federal Bill

Senate Democrats are planning to force a series of gun control votes on Thursday in response to this week's deadly shooting in San Bernardino, Calif.

Democrats will propose measures to expand background checks for guns purchased online and at gun shows and to prevent people on the terror watch list from purchasing firearms. Both measures will be introduced as amendments to an Obamacare repeal package currently being debated in the Senate.

The votes are happening today! Call your senators and tell them to vote no on any anti-gun amendment!

Last Minute Effort To Kill HB80 And Pass HB1750 Happening Right Now - October 20, 2014

Pennsylvania State Bill HB80

Pennsylvania people ... we need all hands on deck today!

We learned late last night that a conglomeration of anti-gun groups intend to converge on Harrisburg today. The groups include Moms Demand, CeaseFire Pa, coupled with PETA and several other smaller groups. Their intention is to do anything they can to sabotage HB80 (preemption) while pushing through HB1750 (pigeon shoot ban). They may also be bringing in some 'heavy hitters' to help (rumors of Jesse Jackson have been floating around)

How they intend to do this is to lobby the house rules committee to push out HB1750 clean while suspending the rules and adding several anti-gun amendments to HB80. Any changes to HB80 at this point would likely kill it in the house and all it needs to pass at this point is a simple concurrence vote.

Kim Stolfer (Firearm Owners Against Crime) and several other groups are in Harrisburg at this very second in an effort to stop these people, but they need your support. Everyone needs to call their representative AND the following members of the rules committee:

Majority (Republicans):

Matthew Baker - (717) 772-5371

Jim Christiana - (717) 260-6144

Brian Ellis - (717) 787-7686

Mauree Gingrich - (717) 783-1815

Robert Godshall - (717) 783-6428

Seth Grove - (717) 783-2655

Ron Marsico - (717) 783-2014

Kurt Masser - (717) 260-6134

Mark Mustio - (717) 787-6651

Tina Pickett - (717) 783-8238

Mike Reese - (717) 783-9311

Stan Saylor - (717) 783-6426

Mario Scavello - (717) 787-7732

Samuel Smith - (717) 787-3845

Minority (Democrats)

Dom Costa - (717) 783-9114

Neal Goodman - (717) 787-2798

Michael Hanna - (717) 772-2283

Deberah Kula - (717) 772-1858

Joseph Markosek - (717) 783-1540

Robert Matzie - (717) 787-4444

Brandon Neuman - (717) 783-4834

Tell them you want HB80 to be passed out of committee with no amendments and HB1740 killed or the language that bans pigeon shoots (and certain types of dog training) removed.

This is the last chance to get this through. If these anti-gun groups succeed today we are probably dead in the water.

State Law HB80

Call Harrisburg NOW - HB1796 - October 15, 2014

State: Pennsylvania

Gun rights advocates are trying to get the language from HB2011 amended to HB1796 which is up for 3rd consideration in the Senate but they are getting a lot of backlash from the Democrats.

We also know MAIG, Moms Demand Action and Ceasefire PA are in Harrisburg right now fighting this and they are WINNING.

Lastly the animal rights people are trying to get a pigeon ban amendment attached to the bill. That is being driven by Senator John Yudichack.

First off call your senator, then call these people that can make a difference:

1.Senator Joseph B. Scarnati III (717) 787-7084

2. Senator Dominic F. Pileggi (717) 787-4712

3. Senator John C. Rafferty Jr (717) 787-1398

Tell them you want the preemption amendment added to the bill and the bill voted on and returned to the house today.

Lastly call Senator John Yudichak at (717) 787-7105 and tell him to NOT push this pigeon shoot amendment.

This need to happen and happen today or the preemption language will never happen.

Please call now!

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