77th OREGON LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLY--2013 Regular Session

HA to HB 3199

LC 3265/HB 3199-3

                       HOUSE AMENDMENTS TO
                         HOUSE BILL 3199


                             April 4

  Delete lines 4 through 25 of the printed bill and insert:
  '  { +  SECTION 1. + }  { + Section 2 of this 2013 Act is added
to and made a part of ORS chapter 477. + }
  '  { +  SECTION 2. + }  { + (1) As used in this section:
  ' (a) 'Exploding target' means a device:
  ' (A) Designed for use or used as a target for small arms
ammunition or for other projectiles;
  ' (B) Consisting of a flammable substance or flammable
combination of substances; and
  ' (C) Capable of exploding when struck by small arms gunfire or
by other projectiles.
  ' (b) 'Sky lantern' means an unmanned self-contained luminary
device that uses heated air produced by an open flame or produced
by another source to become or remain airborne.
  ' (c) 'Small arms' means a shotgun, rifle, pistol or revolver.
  ' (d) 'Tracer ammunition' means a bullet that contains a
flammable substance designed to ignite upon firing of the bullet
and to burn with sufficient brightness to allow observation of
the bullet trajectory.
  ' (2) A person violates this section if, during a fire season
declared under ORS 477.505 for a forest protection district or a
part of a forest protection district:
  ' (a) The person releases a sky lantern or discharges an
exploding target or tracer ammunition on land that is inside the
district or is within one-eighth of a mile of the district; or
  ' (b) A sky lantern released by the person or tracer ammunition
discharged by the person crosses above land that is inside the
district or is within one-eighth of a mile of the district.
  ' (3) Violation of this section is a Class A violation. In
addition to any enforcement officer specifically identified in
ORS 153.005, the State Fire Marshal, the State Forestry
Department or the State Forester may issue a citation for a
violation under this section. + } ' .