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Short Title:        Council of State Members/Concealed Handguns.



Senators Bingham (Primary Sponsor);  Brock and Rabin.

Referred to:

Rules and Operations of the Senate.

March 26, 2013


AN ACT to provide that a council of State member who has a concealed handgun permit may possess or carry a handgun on State property while discharging the member's official duties.

The General Assembly of North Carolina enacts:

SECTION 1.  G.S. 14‑269(b) is amended by adding a new subdivision to read:

"(7)      Any Council of State member when on State property if the weapon is a handgun, the Council of State member is on the State property to discharge the member's official duties, and the member has a concealed handgun permit issued in accordance with Article 54B of this Chapter or considered valid under G.S. 14‑415.24. For purposes of this subdivision the term "State property" means any building or land owned or leased by the State."

SECTION 2.  G.S. 14‑415.11(c) reads as rewritten:

"(c)       Except as provided in G.S. 14‑415.27,G.S. 14‑415.27 and G.S. 14‑415.28, a permit does not authorize a person to carry a concealed handgun in any of the following:

(1)        Areas prohibited by G.S. 14‑269.2, 14‑269.3, and 14‑277.2.

(2)        Areas prohibited by G.S. 14‑269.4, except as allowed under G.S. 14‑269.4(6).

(3)        In an area prohibited by rule adopted under G.S. 120‑32.1.

(4)        In any area prohibited by 18 U.S.C. § 922 or any other federal law.

(5)        In a law enforcement or correctional facility.

(6)        In a building housing only State or federal offices.

(7)        In an office of the State or federal government that is not located in a building exclusively occupied by the State or federal government.

(8)        On any private premises where notice that carrying a concealed handgun is prohibited by the posting of a conspicuous notice or statement by the person in legal possession or control of the premises."

SECTION 3.  Article 54B of Chapter 14 of the General Statutes is amended by adding a new section to read:

"§ 14‑415.28.  Permit scope for Council of State members.

Notwithstanding G.S. 14‑415.11(c), any person who is a Council of State member and who has a concealed handgun permit issued pursuant to this Article or that is valid under G.S. 14‑415.24 may carry a concealed handgun on the educational property, as defined in G.S. 14‑269.2(a), of a community college or constituent institution of The University of North Carolina. Any person who is a Council of State member and who has a concealed handgun permit issued pursuant to this Article or that is valid under G.S. 14‑415.24 is not subject to (i) the area prohibition set out in G.S. 14‑415(c)(2), unless it is a building housing a court of the General Court of Justice or the grounds of the building or (ii) the area prohibitions set out in G.S. 14‑415(c)(3),(5), (6), and (7)."

SECTION 4.  This act becomes effective December 1, 2013.