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Representative Farmer-Butterfield.

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A JOINT RESOLUTION authorizing the legislative research commission to study ways to improve firearm safety in homes to reduce accidental shootings by children and intentional criminal acts by people who are prohibited by law from owning or possessing firearms.

Be it resolved by the House of Representatives, the Senate concurring:

SECTION 1.  The Legislative Research Commission (hereinafter "Commission") may study ways to improve firearm safety in homes across the State. The Commission may study, among other issues, the following: (i) ways to reduce accidental shootings by children, including encouraging parents to enroll children in firearm safety training classes at an early age and making firearm safety training classes accessible to everyone, including adults and (ii) ways in which to require lawful owners of firearms to protect themselves and others by restricting access to firearms by minors and people who are prohibited or restricted in some way by law from owning or possessing firearms, including convicted felons and persons with a history of mental problems.

SECTION 2.  The Legislative Services Commission may make an interim report of its findings and recommendations, including any proposed legislation, to the 2013 General Assembly upon its convening in 2014, and shall submit a final report to the 2015 General Assembly upon its convening.

SECTION 3.  The Legislative Services Officer shall allocate funds appropriated to the General Assembly for the expenditures of the Legislative Services Commission in conducting this study.

SECTION 4.  This resolution is effective upon ratification.