HB-4716, As Passed House, November 12, 2013




























      A bill to amend 1927 PA 175, entitled


"The code of criminal procedure,"


by amending section 16m of chapter XVII (MCL 777.16m), as amended


by 2012 PA 124.




 1                           CHAPTER XVII


 2        Sec. 16m. This chapter applies to the following felonies


 3  enumerated in chapter 750 of the Michigan Compiled Laws:



4  M.C.L.             Category  Class  Description             Stat Max

750.223(2)         Pub saf   F      Sale of firearm to minor subsequent offense               4

750.223(3)         Pub ord   D      Sale of firearm to person prohibited from possessing            10

750.224            Pub saf   E      Manufacture or sale of silencer, bomb, blackjack, automatic weapon, gas spray, etc.                   5

750.224a(4)        Pub saf   F      Possession or sale of electrical current weapons               4

750.224a(6)        Pub saf   G      Improper use of electro-muscular disruption device                2

750.224b           Pub saf   E      Possession of short barreled shotgun or rifle                 5

750.224c           Pub saf   F      Armor piercing ammunition   4

750.224d(2)        Person    G      Using self-defense spray device       2

750.224e           Pub saf   F      Manufacture/sale/ possession of devices to convert semiautomatic weapons   4

750.224f 750.224f(5)         Pub saf                        E   Possession or sale of firearm by felon        5

10 750.224f(6)        Pub saf   E      Possession or sale of ammunition by felon   5

11 750.226            Pub saf   E      Carrying firearm or dangerous weapon with unlawful intent       5

12 750.227            Pub saf   E      Carrying a concealed weapon 5

750.227a           Pub saf   F      Unlawful possession of pistol         4

750.227c           Pub saf   G      Possessing a loaded firearm in or upon a vehicle               2

750.227f           Pub saf   F      Wearing body armor during commission of certain crimes        4

750.227g(1)        Pub saf   F      Felon purchasing, owning, possessing, or using body armor      4

750.230            Pub saf   G      Altering ID mark on firearm 2

750.232a(3)        Pub saf   G      False statement in a pistol application   4

750.234a           Pub saf   F      Discharging firearm from vehicle      4

750.234b           Pub saf   F      Discharging firearm in or at a building   4

750.234c           Pub saf   F      Discharging firearm at emergency/police vehicle               4

10 750.236            Person    C      Setting spring gun death resulting  15

11 750.237(3)         Person    E      Using firearm while under the influence or impaired causing serious impairment    5

12 750.237(4)         Person    C      Using firearm while under the influence or impaired causing death          15



 1        Enacting section 1. This amendatory act does not take effect


 2  unless House Bill No. 4715 of the 97th Legislature is enacted


 3  into law.