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2 WHEREAS, In 2012 the City of Chicago experienced over 500
3homicides, 87% of which were gun related; and
4 WHEREAS, Recent news articles have highlighted that many of
5those prosecuted for firearms offenses in the City of Chicago
6and Cook County are receiving minimal or inconsistent
7punishment under Illinois law; and
8 WHEREAS, Under federal law a convicted felon in possession
9of a firearm or ammunition is eligible for a sentence of up to
1010 years in federal prison; and
11 WHEREAS, Federal weapons prosecutions peaked at 11,015 in
122004 under President George W. Bush; last year the number had
13dwindled to 7,774 prosecutions; and
14 WHEREAS, The Northern District of Illinois, which includes
15the City of Chicago, has one of the lowest federal district
16court prosecutions of gun-related violence despite a major
17surge in violent crime using a weapon; and
18 WHEREAS, Despite the alarming number of gun-related
19murders in the City of Chicago last year, the number of federal
20prosecutions of gun crimes in U.S. District Court in Chicago

SR0223- 2 -LRB098 11568 RLC 43868 r
1actually dropped from 129 in 1999 to 73 in 2011 and to just 40
2last year; and
3 WHEREAS, Increasing the number of federal prosecutions for
4firearms offenses will help keep violent and repeat offenders
5off the street longer; and
6 WHEREAS, Increasing the number of federal prosecutions for
7firearms offenses will free up local criminal justice resources
8for other criminal prosecutions; and
9 WHEREAS, Increasing the number of federal prosecutions for
10firearms offenses is an effective way to fight violence in the
11community; therefore, be it
13ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF ILLINOIS, that a comprehensive State
14and federal approach is necessary to curb firearms violence and
15ensure that our communities are safe from increasing gang
16violence; and be it further
17 RESOLVED, That we urge the President of the United States,
18the Attorney General of the United States, the Mayor of
19Chicago, the Chicago Police Superintendent, the Cook County
20Sheriff, and the Cook County State's Attorney to work together
21so that all firearms offenses that are eligible for federal

SR0223- 3 -LRB098 11568 RLC 43868 r
1prosecution be referred to the federal government for
2prosecution under existing federal law.