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Member Affiliate Plan

All American Gun Owners Alliance members are qualified to join our affiliate plan that can make you money!

AMGOA sells premium business listings to gun dealers, gun rights attorneys, gun show promoters and soon firearm trainers. This is the core of how we keep the organization running and growing.

Once you have signed up for our affiliate plan you will be able to download fliers, complete with your affiliate id number, that you can use to talk to businesses in your area. If any of these businesses sign up and enter your affiliate number you get 10% of the sale price for the life of that listing, provided you remain in the affiliate program.

For example:

A premium gun dealer listing runs $6.50 a month. For each one you sell you get 65 cents ($7.80 a year) each and every month as long as they continue their premium listing. Gun rights attorney premium listings run $425.00 when paid annually. Each listing you sell gets you $42.50! There's no limit on how many listings you sell, as long as you have a minimum of $25.00 in commissions you get a check from us each and every month.

So why do we only allow members to become affiliates? Excellent question. We do not want 'fast talking' sales people out trying to sell these listings and getting these businesses interested in our organization when they don't know (and probably don't care) a thing about our organization. By only allowing members, that use our service and know our organization, to become affiliates we know there will be no high pressure sales tactics and we know our members can explain who and what we are.

Are there any other requirements? Another excellent question. The only requirement to become an AMGOA affiliate besides becoming a subscribing member is that an IRS W9 form must be completed and emailed or mailed to us. We must have these for tax purposes because, well, we don't like arguing with the IRS any more than you do. Any affiliate that makes $600.00 or more during any tax year will receive a 1099 MISC form from us for your taxes.

To get started all you need to do is sign up here, if you are already a free member please log into your member control panel and click on the upgrade link at the top of the page.