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Kent State Open Carry Rally! Rally

Where: Kent State University 800 E Summit St. Kent, OH 44240

Date: September 29, 2018

Time: 2 PM - 5 PM

Latitude: 41.15201 Longitude: -81.32600

Sponsor: Hosted by Liberty Hangout and Kait's Unsafe Space


On Saturday, September 29th, Kaitlin Bennett will be hosting an open carry rally at Kent State University. The rally comes just months after her graduation photos bearing an AR-10 rifle at the school went viral, igniting a national conversation about campus carry. Liberty Hangout will be hosting speakers and livestreaming the rally to their 200k followers, and Millie Weaver from InfoWars will be in attendance to interview rally goers and students.

Gun owners and 2nd amendment supporters unwilling to compromise on our rights are invited to stand with us on Risman Plaza on the 29th. Those who disagree are invited to come tell us why.

The goal of the event is to create dialogue about campus carry, talk to students about why gun control doesn't work, and bring gun owners and 2nd amendment supporters together. Last spring, Kaitlin hosted an open carry demonstration with firearms enthusiast Jeffry Smith, and the event was a huge success. With all the media focus around Kaitlin and her activism since her photos went viral, she hopes this rally will be even bigger.

Kent State University permits guests to open carry on campus, but conceal carry is banned. **Kent State University students are prohibited from having firearms on campus, but are encouraged to join us with signs and flags.**

Rally goers who bring rifles should carry it with a sling and proper muzzle control. Those with pistols should have their weapons holstered at all times. DO NOT under any circumstances remove your weapon from your holster to show it to somebody.

While guests can open carry on campus, they may not enter into buildings with a weapon. If you need to use the facilities at any time during the rally, you will have to pass off your rifle to someone else or leave it in your car.

These are the policies Kaitlin and Liberty Hangout hope to see repealed. They support the 2nd amendment to its fullest extent and believe students and guests alike have the right to protect themselves how they see fit, without approval from the government.

The event will go from 2pm-5pm EST. Rally goers should aim to get there at least a half hour early so they can assemble in the parking lot before walking to Risman Plaza. Parking at Kent State is free on weekends.

Speakers will be announced as they are confirmed. At the conclusion of the event, Kaitlin is looking to get rally goers together to head to the range, and invite some students who opened their minds a bit about guns because of the rally.

More details about the rally and range will be announced in the coming weeks. Please invite all of your friends to this event and use the hashtag #KSUOpenCarryRally. We look forward to seeing everyone there!