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Gun Legislation Action Alerts

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Newly Proposed Bill Requires Lost Or Stolen Guns To Be Reported In 24 Hours - April 5, 2013

Pennsylvania State Bill SB810

Six PA Seantors have introduced another bill aimed at reporting lost and stolen guns. As with previous bills the law requires any stolen gun to be reported in 24 hours, something that could expose legal gun owners to fines.

The problem with this bill, as with previous bills that have failed, is the simple fact that someone could have a gun stolen and not know it in time to meet the 24 hour requirement.

State Law SB810

Proposed PA Law SB815 Requires Registration Database and Renewals - April 5, 2013

Pennsylvania State Bill SB815

Introduced in the PA Senate SB815 would basically sets up the path for full registration and requires yearly renewals of these so-called registrations.

State Law SB815

Proposed Wisconsin Law Would Eliminate Private Transfers - April 5, 2013

Wisconsin State Bill SB124

Newly introduced SB124 bill would amend current Wisconsin law and elimiate most private transfers of guns.

With minor exceptions all firearm transfers would be required to go through a federal firearms dealer.

State Law SB124

North Carolina Introduces Second Amendment Protection Act - April 3, 2013

North Carolina State Bill H518

North Carolina joins the ever growing list of states trying to adopt bills that exclude their residents from federal oversight of guns made and sold within the state by introducing H518 on April 2nd.

The bill states: "A personal firearm, a firearm accessory, or ammunition that is manufactured commercially or privately in North Carolina and that remains exclusively within the borders of North Carolina is not subject to federal law, federal taxation, or federal regulation, including registration, under the authority of the United States Congress to regulate interstate commerce. It is declared by the North Carolina General Assembly that those items have not traveled in interstate commerce."

State Law H518

Deal On Oppressive New Connecticut Gun Law Reached - April 2, 2013

State: Connecticut

Monday, April 1st an oppressive new gun bill was agreed to by both Republicans and Democrats in Connecticut. Among the provisions agreed to is a ban on magazines over 10 rounds, an expansion of the existing 'assault weapons' ban and a 'dangerous weapon offender' registry.

Existing owners of magazines over the new limit, as well as anyone that owns a rifle that would now be classified as an 'assault weapon' will have to register them with the state. Furthermore those legally possessing any rifle that would be classified as an 'assault weapon' will be tightly limited in their legal use and transport.

Unfortunately with a Democrat controlled house and senate this bill will see very little resistance and the voices of Connecticut gun owners may in fact be ignored.

UN Approves Arms Trade Treaty - April 2, 2013

Federal Bill

The 193-nation U.N. General Assembly overwhelmingly approved on Tuesday the first-ever treaty on global arms trade that seeks to regulate the $70 billion international business in conventional arms ranging from light weapons to battle tanks and warships.

There were 154 votes in favour, 3 against and 23 abstentions.

Contact your senators and tell them to vote against ratifying the treaty!

Democrats Push For Mandatory Firearm Liability Insurance or $10,000 Fine - April 2, 2013

Federal Bill HB136

House Democrats have proposed a new bill that would require all gun owners to carry mandatory liability insurance or face a $10,000 fine.

Introduced March 30 as the 'Firearm Risk Protection Act of 2013' the bill has 9 sponsors.

Federal Law HB136

Proposed Alabama Law Clarifies Existing Law, Changes state From 'May Issue' to 'Shall Issue' - March 31, 2013

Alabama State Bill SB129

A new bill sponsored by State Sen. Scott Beason, R-Gardendale, is intended to clarify an assortment of laws regarding the public carrying of firearms.

"It's simply a clarification of Alabama's gun laws," Beason said. "There were beginning to be a number of different interpretations of what has always been considered the standard when it comes to when and where you can carry a pistol with you. We’re just trying to straighten all that out, and make the local municipalities understand that state firearms law pre-empts anything done locally."

State Law SB129

Delaware Introduces Assault Weapon Ban - March 29, 2013

Delaware State Bill SB37

On Thursday March 28 an assault weapons ban was introduced and moved the the judiciary committee in Delaware with three sponsors.

The newly proposed law would outlaw the manufacture, production, delivery, sale, or purchase of assault weapons while requiring anyone currently owning such a weapon to 'provide proof of ownership' to the state police within 120 of the effective date of the act.

State Law SB37

Law To Repeal Concealed Carry In Maine State Parks Introduced - March 27, 2013

Maine State Bill LD1173

A law that would reverse a previous law that allow concealed carry permit holders to carry in state parks was introduced in Maine Tuesday.

Only exceptions to the repeal are for 'qualified law enforcement'

Sponsors of the law are: Gerzofsky, Priest, Craven, Lajoie, Moonen & Plante

State Law LD1173

Proposed PA Law Would Require All Firearm Sales To Go Through An FFL - March 27, 2013

Pennsylvania State Bill SB736

6 PA reps have introduced SB736, a proposed law that would require all firearm sales to go through an FFL.

From the bill:

Duty of other persons.--Any person who is not a licensed importer, licensed manufacturer or federally licensed firearms dealer and who desires to sell or transfer a firearm to another unlicensed person shall do so only upon the place of business of a licensed importer, licensed manufacturer, federally licensed firearms dealer or county sheriff's office

Contact your reps and tell them this will not be tolerated!

PA House

PA Senate

Update: After further review it appears section F of PA 6111 continues to define a firearm within this section as "The provisions contained in subsections (a) and (c) shall only apply to pistols or revolvers with a barrel length of less than 15 inches, any shotgun with a barrel length of less than 18 inches, any rifle with a barrel length of less than 16 inches or any firearm with an overall length of less than 26 inches"

What we have found within the law is a form of registration for gun shows and 'meets' (which is not defined) which could put gun show promoters under the juristiction of the AG's office, currently held by an anti-gun Democrat.

State Law SB736

Propsed NJ Law Could Force Doctors To Report Patients - March 26, 2013

State Bill A3754

Mental health professionals are raising concerns about a bill that would require them to report to the attorney general any patients they feel are likely to harm themselves or others, allowing authorities to seize firearms from those who are registered gun owners.

The proposed legislation is a possible step that Gov. Chris Christie and the state Senate could take as they mull what to do to address guns in the wake of the Newtown, CT, mass shooting.

The Assembly has passed a series of bills focusing on guns, including A-3754, which would apply to psychiatrists, psychologists, doctors, nurses, clinical social workers, and marriage counselors.

State Law A3754

New York State Moves to Suspend Magazine Capacity Limit - March 26, 2013

State: New York

Late Sunday evening the NEw York legislature moved to suspend the magazine capacity limit that was included in the SAFE act that was rushed through last month.

Under the change, if magazines are loaded with more than seven bullets outside of a gun range or competition, they would be illegal. The punishments vary depending on if the magazine was within the owner's home and whether it's a first-time offense.

Senate Votes Against UN Arms Treaty In Budget Amendment - March 23, 2013

Federal Bill

In a last minute amendment to the current US budget bill Sen. James Inhofe (R-Okla.) introduced an amendment that would prevent the United States from entering into the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty in order to uphold the Second Amendment.

The amendment passed with a vote of 53-46. Later the Senate passed the budget bill and it now moves to the House.

Philadephia City Council Approves Illegal Gun Bans In Parks And Rec Centers - March 22, 2013

State: Pennsylvania

Knowing full well they are violating Pennsylvania preemption laws the Philadelphia City Council authorized Mayor Nutter to ban guns in city parks and recreational centers Thursday. The council vote was 15 to 2

"I want to make sure our facilities for our youngest citizens are safe," said the measure's chief sponsor, 8th District councilwoman Cindy Bass. "And this, I believe, will go a long way. I think it will spread the message."

City officials say the rules would regulate behavior, not guns but admit it will likely end up in court.

Pennsylvania has very strict laws disallowing any preemptive gun laws to be put into place by any city, town or county government.

If the mayor does in fact create such laws several rallies against the laws are planned.

Colorado Governor Signs Gun Control Laws - March 20, 2013

State: Colorado

Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper signed three new gun laws on Wednesday. The laws limit magazines to 15 rounds, make buyer pay for their own background checks and require universal background checks.

All three laws going into effect July 1st unless they are challenged in court.

South Dakota Passes Law Authorizing School Employees To Carry Guns - March 20, 2013

South Dakota State Bill HB1087

South Dakota became the first state in the nation to enact a law explicitly authorizing school employees to carry guns on the job, under a measure signed into law on Friday by Gov. Dennis Daugaard.

Representative Scott Craig, a freshman Republican in the South Dakota House who sponsored the bill, said he hoped the measure would shift the country's discourse on school safety.

The law leaves it up to school districts to decide whether to allow armed teachers. It remains to be seen, however, if many schools will permit guns in classrooms and whether the measure will reverberate nationwide. Mr. Daugaard, a Republican, said he did not think that many schools would take advantage of the option, but that it was important for them to have the choice available.

State Law HB1087

Colorado Governor To Sign NEw Gun Laws Today - March 19, 2013

Colorado State Bill HB1224

Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper will sign legislation today that sets limits on ammunition magazines and expands background checks for firearms. The measures proposed are some of the strictest gun laws in the nation, and their passage comes after weeks of tense legislative battles.

The Colorado laws include a ban on ammunition magazines that can carry more than 15 rounds, and eight shotgun shells. The bill on background checks expands the requirement to sales and transfers between private parties and online purchases.

State Law HB1224

Feinstein Assault Weapon Ban Will Not Be Added To Main Gun Control Bill - March 19, 2013

Federal Bill SB150 and are reporting this morning that Senator Feinstein has been informed her assault wepon ban will not be included in the new gun bill that is headed to the Senate floor next month.

"My understanding is it will not be [part of the base bill]," Feinstein said. "It will be separate."

Asked if she were concerned about the decision, Feinstein paused and said, "Sure. I would like to [see the bill moved], but the leader has decided not to do it."

They are also reporting universal background checks will not head to the floor either.

They can still be added as amendments so keep up the pressure!

Federal Law SB150

Connecticut Panel Proposes Dracoian New Gun Laws - March 18, 2013

State: Connecticut

In the wake of the Sandy Hook shootings an advisory panel convened by the governor has been looking at potential new gun legislation. While this panel can not create laws they have come out with their recommendations today that could influence new laws in the state. To say they are Draconian is an understatement!

The 16-member commission of educators, academics, emergency responders, politicians and mental health professionals called for requiring a certificate of registration for any firearm that would be issued following the completion of a background check.

Registration would be distinct from a permit to carry a firearm, which the commission said should be required and renewed on a regular basis.

The mandatory background check would apply to the sale or transfer of any firearm, including private sales and exchanges at gun shows.

The commission proposed allowing the purchase of ammunition only for registered firearms and banning any magazine holding more than 10 rounds, while prohibiting all armor-piercing and incendiary bullets.

It would also require gun clubs to report any negligent or reckless behavior.

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