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Gun Legislation Action Alerts

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Manchin Toomey Amendment Fails To Pass Senate - April 17, 2013

Federal Bill SB649

Senators voted today to abandon the Manchin Toomey amendment to SB649.

Federal Law SB649

High Capacity Magazine Ban Amendment Defeated In Senate - April 17, 2013

Federal Bill SB649

Senators only got 48 votes on Frank Lautenberg's (NJ) high capacity magazine ban today, there were 60 votes required to add the amendment to SB 649

Federal Law SB649

Senate To Begin Voting On S649 Today - April 16, 2013

Federal Bill S649

The US Senate will convene today and begin voting on amendments to S649. The first amendment to be addressed should be the Machin-Toomey amendment.

Please contact your senators and tell them you do not support this bill, nor any of the amendments they are trying to attach to it.

Federal Law S649

Citizens Committee for the Right to Bear Arms Backs New Gun Law - April 15, 2013

Federal Bill S649

In a stunning turn of events the Citizens Committee for the Right to Bear Arms has come out in support of the newly proposed Manchin-Toomey gun control bill, something no supporter of the 2nd amendment would believe.

We reject these groups and refuse to support them in any way, shape or form! They may accept this abomination of a law but we will not! Write your senators today and tell them we in no way endorse this law or the amendments to it.

Federal Law S649

Assault Weapons Ban Amendment Submitted To Reid Gun Bill S649 - April 13, 2013

Federal Bill S649

Several amendments have been submitted to be attached to Harry Reid's gun bill S649. Among them is Diane Feinstein's assault weapon ban of 2013.

Federal Law S649[1-5]%28Amendments_For_S.649%29&./temp/~bdrpPF

Proposed Ohio Law Would Require All Transfers To Go Through FFL - April 13, 2013

Ohio State Bill HB119

Ohio represenative Tracy Heard has introduced HB119 in the house April 10th, 2013. The law would require all firearm sales to go through a federal firearms dealer along with a background check. The law also requires the FFL to maintain a record of all sales, something which is already federal law, and report and denied background check to inform police within 24 hours.

State Law HB119

Lautenberg Introduces Large Cap Magazine Ban To Senate - April 13, 2013

Federal Bill SB691

NJ Senator Frank Lautenber has introduced SB691, a ban on any magazine with a capacity over 10 rounds.

The bill has 10 co-sponsors, Blumenthal, Richard, Cowan, William M. "Mo", Feinstein, Dianne, Hirono, Mazie K., Kaine, Tim, Merkley, Jeff, Murphy, Christopher S., Rockefeller, John D., IV, Whitehouse, Sheldon

Federal Law SB691

Proposed NC Law Would Require Background Checks For All Sales Except Between Family - April 12, 2013

North Carolina State Bill H914

Newly proposed NC law H914 would require all sales or transfers of any firearm with the exception of family members to go through a background check.

State Law H914

Text Of Toomey-Machin Amendment Released - April 12, 2013

Federal Bill

The so-called compromise Senators Manchin and Toomey authored that stopped the fillibuster and allowed SB 649 to move to the floor of the Senate was released last night. The amendment if passed would require all sales and transfers of firearms, even if temporary, to go through a background check unless the sale or transfer is between 'family'.

The amendment expands the definition of family to include aunts, uncles, cousins and others.

The amendement also includes setting up a commission to determine what constitutes 'mentally incompetent' for people added to the NICS system as prohibited persons.

First Lawsuit Filed Against Connecticut Gun Laws - April 12, 2013

State: Connecticut

Lawsuits have been threatened against the state's new sweeping gun legislation, and the first to be filed is by the Disabled Americans for Firearms Rights, a relatively new organization.

The suit represents Scott Ennis of New London, the group's founder, who suffers from Hemophilia A, which has caused him severe joint damage. The legal move was first reported by the Hartford Courant.

Proposed Rhode Island Gun Law Bans 'Assault Wepaons' - April 12, 2013

Rhode Island State Bill S0859

Newly proposed Rhode Island bill S0859 creates the definition of an 'assault weapon' and a ban on them.

The house has a companion bill H5990

State Law S0859

Senate Moves Gun Control Bill To Floor With 68-31 Vote - April 11, 2013

Federal Bill SB649

The US Senate voted to move Harry Reid's gun control bill to the floor for debate today by a vote of 68-31. The bill could come up for debate by Thursday.

Contact your senators immediately and tell them we will not support them if they support this bill!

Federal Law SB649

Senator Toomey Appears To Be Flip Flopping On Gun Rights - April 9, 2013

State: Pennsylvania

PA Senator Toomey reportedly is caving in to the anti-gun agenda and is currently in talks to expand background checks. It is imperative that all PA residents call his office today and tell him we will not tolerate this. You can contact his office at 202-224-4254. The more pressure PA residents can put on him the better our chances of defeating this legislation.

Important Week For Your Gun Rights - April 9, 2013

Federal Bill S649

This week could be a make or break week for any new gun legislation passing. On today's calendar is the so-called SAFE act proposed by Senate majority leader Harry Reid.

We need everyone to take the time to call their senators and tell them we will not support this law or any law that restricts our rights. Take 5 minutes today and contact your senators. you can find their contact information here

Federal Law S649

More Than 20 Proposed Gun Laws To Be Debated In Maine This Week - April 8, 2013

State: Maine

State lawmakers are preparing for a round of hearings, debates and decisions on proposed changes to Maine's gun laws. More than 20 bills are set to go before the Legislature's Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee this week, with half of those measures go to public hearings in a few days.

NJ Bill Would Prohibit Firearm Purchases FOR DWI - April 6, 2013

New Jersey State Bill A3973

A newly introduced New Jersey law would prohibit anyone with three DWI convictions or refusing to take a breathalyzer test within 5 years from purchasing a firearm.

From the bill: "This bill would prohibit a person who has been convicted three times within five years of drunk driving or refusing to take a breathalyzer test from purchasing a firearm. Under current law, a person must apply for a permit to purchase a handgun or a firearms purchaser identification card to purchase a rifle or shotgun. Applicants are disqualified from being issued a permit or identification card if they are drug dependent; have been confined for a mental disorder to a hospital, mental institution or sanitarium; or are habitual drunkards. Under this bill, a person also would be disqualified if he or she has three or more convictions of drunk driving or refusal to take a breathalyzer test within five years."

State Law A3973

Newly Proposed Bill Requires Lost Or Stolen Guns To Be Reported In 24 Hours - April 5, 2013

Pennsylvania State Bill SB810

Six PA Seantors have introduced another bill aimed at reporting lost and stolen guns. As with previous bills the law requires any stolen gun to be reported in 24 hours, something that could expose legal gun owners to fines.

The problem with this bill, as with previous bills that have failed, is the simple fact that someone could have a gun stolen and not know it in time to meet the 24 hour requirement.

State Law SB810

Proposed Wisconsin Law Would Eliminate Private Transfers - April 5, 2013

Wisconsin State Bill SB124

Newly introduced SB124 bill would amend current Wisconsin law and elimiate most private transfers of guns.

With minor exceptions all firearm transfers would be required to go through a federal firearms dealer.

State Law SB124

Proposed PA Law SB815 Requires Registration Database and Renewals - April 5, 2013

Pennsylvania State Bill SB815

Introduced in the PA Senate SB815 would basically sets up the path for full registration and requires yearly renewals of these so-called registrations.

State Law SB815

North Carolina Introduces Second Amendment Protection Act - April 3, 2013

North Carolina State Bill H518

North Carolina joins the ever growing list of states trying to adopt bills that exclude their residents from federal oversight of guns made and sold within the state by introducing H518 on April 2nd.

The bill states: "A personal firearm, a firearm accessory, or ammunition that is manufactured commercially or privately in North Carolina and that remains exclusively within the borders of North Carolina is not subject to federal law, federal taxation, or federal regulation, including registration, under the authority of the United States Congress to regulate interstate commerce. It is declared by the North Carolina General Assembly that those items have not traveled in interstate commerce."

State Law H518

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