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Gun Legislation Action Alerts

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Ohio bill requires confiscated firearms be sold at auction or to firearms dealers. - June 22, 2013

Ohio State Bill HB210

The bill strikes all language that would allow local authorities to destroy firearms and inserts language requiring them to sell them either at auction or to a federally licensed firearms dealers.

State Law HB210

Santa Fe City Council to Vote on Banning Standard Magazines on Wed. June 26 - June 22, 2013

State: New Mexico

Next Wednesday, June 26, the Santa Fe City Council is scheduled to hold a public hearing and vote on Bill No. 2013-27, which would outlaw the future possession, sale or transfer of standard capacity magazines that are compatible with commonly-owned self-defense pistols and rifles used by recreational and competitive shooters. Introduced by Mayor David Coss (an outspoken member of billionaire New York Mayor City Michael Bloomberg's national gun control coalition), Councilor Patti Bushee and Councilor Ron Trujillo, this ordinance targets any ammunition feeding device that accepts, or can be readily converted to accept, more than ten rounds. With no exception for mere possession in one's private vehicle, even driving through Santa Fe with a standard capacity magazine purchased from another city could put you in violation of this ordinance.

Public comments will be taken by the City Council before next Wednesday's vote, starting at 7:00 p.m. in City Hall located at 200 Lincoln Avenue in Santa Fe. It is critical that you show up and speak against this measure. Please also contact the City Councilors listed below and urge them to OPPOSE Bill No. 2013-27.

E-mail addresses and telephone numbers for Santa Fe city councilmen are provided below - contact them TODAY in opposition to Bill No. 2013-27.

Councilor Rebecca Wurzburger - District 2 and Mayor Pro Tem. 505-955-6815

Councilor Patti Bushee - District 1. (505) 955-2345

Councilor Chris Calvert - District 1. (505) 955-6812

Councilor Peter Ives - District 2. (505) 955-6816

Councilor Carmichael Dominguez - District 3. (505) 955-6814

Councilor Christopher Rivera - District 3. (505) 955-6818

Councilor Bill Dimas - District 4. (505) 955-6817

Councilor Ronald Trujillo - District 4. (505) 955-6811

PA Senator Alloway To Propose Bill To Allow Residents To Get LTCF In Adjacent Counties - June 21, 2013

State: Pennsylvania

In response to Philadelphia's ridiculous abuses of the LTCF (license to carry firearms) issuing problems Senator Alloway is working on a proposal that would allow residents to apply and receive licenses from adjacent counties.

Philadelphia Democrats are going to scream and yell and fight this one tooth and nail even though they refuse to admit the Philadelphia police are abusing the system so we need all Pennsylvania residents to show support to Senator Alloway on this idea.

You can contact the Senator through his website at

'Assault' Weapons Ban To Be discussed during Committee Meeting 7:00 p.m. Monday, June 24 Park Ridge City Hall, 505 Butler Place, Park Ridge, IL - June 21, 2013

State: Illinois

"Assault" Weapons Ban To Be discussed during Committee Meeting 7:00 p.m. Monday, June 24 Park Ridge City Hall, 505 Butler Place, Park Ridge, IL 60068

Park Ridge will consider an "assault" weapons ban during a Procedures and Regulations Committee meeting on June 24. If you live/work in the Park Ridge area, please attend this important meeting. In the meantime, please contact the city county members and voice your opposition to any ordinance that infringes on the right to keep and bear arms. Please be polite but firm when communicating with council members.

City of Park Ridge, David Schmidt, Mayor 847-331-7063

Health Care Organizations Lobbying To Oppose Wisconsin Bill To Bar Doctors From Asking About Guns - June 19, 2013

State: Wisconsin

Health care organizations are urging Wisconsin lawmakers to reject proposed legislation that would bar doctors from asking patients if they own guns.

The measure, unveiled last week by Rep. Michael Schraa, R-Oshkosh, "is detrimental to medical providers' ability to educate patients and in so doing prevent injury and death," the organizations said in a memo Monday to legislators.

Time to back up your legislators and tell the medical corporations to get out of our lives! We don't have a bill number yet but as soon as we do we will let you know.

14 Year Old Arrested Over Pro-NRA Shirt Faces a Year In Jail - June 18, 2013

State: West Virginia

The West Virginia eighth-grader who was suspended and arrested in late April after he refused to remove a t-shirt supporting the National Rifle Association appeared in court this week and was formally charged with obstructing an officer.

14-year-old Jared Marcum now faces a $500 fine and a maximum of one year in prison.

Here are all the phone numbers for the interested parties, please call them and voice your displeasure over what's happening to this young man.

Logan Police Department (West Virginia)Chief of Police, David White (304) 752-6535

Logan County School District Superintendent of Schools, Wilma Zigmond (304) 792-2060

Prosecuting Attorney Sabrina Deskins Amick (304) 792-8670

Madigan Seeks 2nd Delay on Illinois Gun Plan - June 18, 2013

Illinois State Bill HB0183

Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan has asked the U.S. Supreme Court for a second monthlong extension of time to decide whether to appeal a lower court order allowing citizens to carry concealed guns.

State Law HB0183

Santa Fe City Council Considering Magazine Capacity Limit - June 18, 2013

State: New Mexico

The Santa Fe City Council is currently considering an ordinance that would ban the future possession, sale or transfer of any ammunition feeding device that accepts, or can be readily converted to accept, more than ten rounds.

Wichita School Board Set To Consider Gun Ban Monday - June 17, 2013

State: Kansas

Wichita school board members will consider banning firearms from school district buildings or district-owned vehicles, except by law enforcement officers.

Wisconsin Bill Bans Hollow Point Ammo - June 17, 2013

Wisconsin State Bill AB221

A proposed Wisconsin bill would band hollow point ammo for civilian use. The bill states 'Whoever intentionally sells, transports, manufactures, or possesses any hollowpoint bullet, bullet that expands or flattens easily in the human body, or bullet with a hard envelope which does not entirely cover the core or is pierced with incisions is guilty of a Class H felony'.

State Law AB221

Ohio Bill Changes Reciprocity, CCW Training & More - June 13, 2013

Ohio State Bill HB203

A new bill introduced June 11 in the Ohio house amends 13 existing gun laws included automatic reciprocity with any state that honors an Ohio CCW.

State Law HB203

Proposed NJ Law Restricts Ammunition Sales - Transfer - June 12, 2013

New Jersey State Bill A4192

The law would restrict the sale of ammo to licensed dealers and a purchaser that possesses a valid firearms purchaser identification card, a valid copy of a permit to purchase a handgun, a valid permit to carry a handgun, or a valid New Jersey hunting license, and first exhibits to the seller, donor, transferor or assignor the card or permit and either a driver's license or non-driver identification card.

State Law A4192

Rep. Collins Introduces Bill To Eliminate Unconstitutional 'Sporting Purpose' Distinction In Gun Laws - June 11, 2013

Federal Bill HB2277

Today, Representative Doug Collins (R-GA) introduced legislation to eliminate the "sporting purpose" distinction contained in the Internal Revenue Code and the Federal Criminal Code. H.R. 2277 restores Second Amendment protections to all firearms.

Federal Law HB2277

Help Nevada Gun Owners By Voting In Phone Poll - June 10, 2013

Nevada State Bill SB221

It appears Nevada's governor has set up a hotline for voting on whether he should veto new gun legislation and it is open to people from any state since it effects anyone coming into the state.

Bloomberg and his cronies are asking their people to call and vote for passage we need to call in opposing it 775-684-5670 press #2 to ask for the veto.

State Law SB221

NJ Assembly Committee Caught (again) On An Open Mic Breaking Rules Because FID Bill Looked Like It Didn't Have The Votes - June 9, 2013

State: New Jersey

NJ Assembly members get caught on an open mic again, breaking committee rules when an FID amendment looks like it is not going to get enough votes.

Illinois Lt. governor urging cities to pass assault weapons ban before new CCW law goes into effect. - June 9, 2013

State: Illinois

Lt. Gov. Sheila Simon is urging Illinois communities to consider banning assault-style weapons before new legislation is signed that could prohibit local governments from doing so in the future.

San Francisco Supervisor Proposes Ordinance To Ban Guns That Use High Cap Mags - Track All Ammo Sales - June 6, 2013

Supervisor Malia Cohen has proposed an ordinance banning any firearms that have large capacity magazines capable of holding more than ten rounds. Cohen's proposed ordinance would also require firearms dealers in the City to report every single ammo sale, no matter how small, to the police.

New York Law To Ban 3D Printed Guns Could Also Ban All Glocks - June 6, 2013

New York State Bill AO7671


Note the bolded part. If interpreted incorrectly (ignoring the digitally made) this would then outlaw all Glocks due to their polymer receiver.

State Law AO7671

US House Votes To Delay DHS Ammo Purchase - June 6, 2013

Federal Bill

The House late Wednesday voted to stop the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) from entering into new contracts to buy millions of rounds of ammunition until the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) reports to Congress on the need for the ammo, and its cost.

Ohio Bill Corrects Definition Of Automatic Weapon - June 6, 2013

Ohio State Bill HB191

A newly introduced Ohio bill would correct the definition of automatic weapon in Sec. 2923.11 by removing the sentence that now says '"Automatic firearm" also means any semi-automatic firearm designed or specially adapted to fire more than thirty-one cartridges without reloading, other than a firearm chambering only .22 caliber short, long, or long-rifle cartridges.'

State Law HB191

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