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Passed Florida Gun Law S0852

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Legislation Overview

Title: Human Trafficking

Description: Requiring the Department of Children and Families or a sheriff's office to conduct a multidisciplinary staffing on child victims of commercial sexual exploitation to determine the child's service and placement needs; revising the continuing medical education course requirements for certain relicensures or recertifications to include a course in human trafficking; adding human trafficking to the list of crimes requiring pretrial detention of the defendant, etc.

Session: 2017 Regular Session

Last Action: Chapter No. 2017-23

Last Action Date: May 24, 2017


Note: the first sponsor listed is normally the primary sponsor. If a sponsor's name is a hyperlink you can click on it to 'follow the money'.

10 sponsors: Appropriations;Criminal Justice;Rene Garcia (R); Lizbeth Benacquisto (R); Anitere Flores (R); Daphne Campbell (D); Oscar Braynon (D); Jack Latvala (R); Dorothy Hukill (R); Victor Torres (D);

Percentage of Senate sponsoring bill: 25% (10 of 40)

Chamber Date Action
May 24, 2017 Chapter No. 2017-23
May 23, 2017 Approved by Governor
May 9, 2017 Signed by Officers and presented to Governor
House Apr 26, 2017 Read 3rd time
Senate Apr 26, 2017 Ordered enrolled
House Apr 26, 2017 CS passed; YEAS 116 NAYS 0
House Apr 25, 2017 Read 2nd time
House Apr 25, 2017 Placed on 3rd reading
House Apr 25, 2017 Substituted for CS/CS/HB 1383
House Apr 20, 2017 Referred to Calendar
House Apr 20, 2017 Received
House Apr 20, 2017 Placed on Special Order Calendar, 04/25/17
House Apr 19, 2017 In Messages
Senate Apr 18, 2017 CS passed as amended; YEAS 39 NAYS 0
Senate Apr 18, 2017 Read 3rd time
Senate Apr 13, 2017 Amendment(s) adopted (619590)
Senate Apr 13, 2017 Read 2nd time
Senate Apr 13, 2017 Ordered engrossed
Senate Apr 13, 2017 Placed on 3rd reading
Senate Apr 11, 2017 CS/CS by Appropriations read 1st time
Senate Apr 10, 2017 Placed on Special Order Calendar, 04/13/17
Senate Apr 10, 2017 Placed on Calendar, on 2nd reading
Senate Apr 10, 2017 Pending reference review -under Rule 4.7(2) - (Committee Substitute)
Senate Apr 6, 2017 CS/CS by- Appropriations; YEAS 15 NAYS 0
Senate Mar 31, 2017 On Committee agenda-- Appropriations, 04/06/17, 8:00 am, 412 Knott Building
Senate Mar 23, 2017 Now in Appropriations
Senate Mar 22, 2017 Favorable by Judiciary; YEAS 8 NAYS 0
Senate Mar 17, 2017 On Committee agenda-- Judiciary, 03/22/17, 4:00 pm, 110 Senate Office Building
Senate Mar 15, 2017 CS by Criminal Justice read 1st time
Senate Mar 15, 2017 Now in Judiciary
Senate Mar 14, 2017 Pending reference review under Rule 4.7(2) - (Committee Substitute)
Senate Mar 13, 2017 CS by Criminal Justice; YEAS 6 NAYS 0
Senate Mar 8, 2017 On Committee agenda-- Criminal Justice, 03/13/17, 4:00 pm, 37 Senate Office Building
Senate Mar 7, 2017 Introduced
Senate Feb 23, 2017 Referred to Criminal Justice; Judiciary; Appropriations
Senate Feb 10, 2017 Filed
Type Date State Link Text
Enrolled Apr 26, 2017 state link bill text
Engrossed Apr 13, 2017 state link bill text
Comm Sub Apr 10, 2017 state link bill text
Comm Sub Mar 14, 2017 state link bill text
Introduced Feb 10, 2017 state link bill text
Title Description Date State Link Text Adopted
Senate Floor Amendment #619590 No Senate Action Apr 11, 2017 State Link amendment text No
Senate Committee Amendment #284874 No Senate Action Mar 10, 2017 State Link amendment text No

Senate: Third Reading RCS#8

House: Third Reading RCS#229

Link: link to state bill page

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