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Pennsylvania 2A Rally Rally

Where: Pennsylvania State Capitol Commonwealth Ave Harrisburg, PA 17120

Date: May 22, 2017

Time: 10:00am

Latitude: 40.26728 Longitude: -76.88164

Sponsor: Firearms Owners Against Crime, Concerned Gun Owners of Pennsylvania


With the 2017 Pennsylvania Right To Keep and Bear Arms Action Day quickly approaching we wanted to take a moment to highlight the most important part of the rally that we do each year: Legislator Education.

Each year after the speaking engagements for the rally, gun owners from around the Commonwealth are organized into groups broken down into groups and assigned a team leader so that they may walk the halls of our capitol speaking to legislators about issues important to gun owners.

This is one of, if not the, single most important thing gun owners can do to help preserve their rights!

As time is very short to catch Reps in their offices before session, we try to organize groups of gun owners and visit them with a team leader based on office locations with in capital.

In some parts of PA no gun owners come to see their Reps, so we ask everyone to go visit the Reps with a group. It does no good if everyone visits the same dozen of pro gun Reps offices, and no one goes to the others Reps that also get to vote on our bills. Educating ALL the Reps is the goal!

Afterward you will have time to go speak with your Reps if they are not part of your group assignments

Please note that when picking a group to join, try to go for the one with the fewest amount of people. We want to make sure that the groups are split up as evenly as possible, if everyone runs to the first group in their list, this won't work out so well.

Once again, thank you to every gun owner who joins us in standing up for their rights and we can't wait to see you there!

For more information about this event, confirmed speakers, parking, legislative efforts. Please visit the web site, Note the web site is being updated as new information becomes available, so check back often as the scheduled day approaches

If you plan on attending the annual 2A rally in Harrisburg on May 22nd please sign up using this form:

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2017 Pennsylvania Second Amendment Rally Attendees